24 de novembre 2009

Leaving Borneo, and sad for once

This has lasted short. I could have stayed weeks in Borneo, I just know they will be weeks to just hang around and my ambition to set foot in the Philippines won.

In this post I will hang some Bali pictures I had to share. And the Borneo impressions... Ahhh.

Kona Kinabalu got me to begin with. Such sunsets, such surroundings. Met a new travel buddy I painfully said goodbye today. As it happens, nothing lasts forever and you have to let go when you are starting getting attached... Or does it only happen to me... constantly?
On the first day we went to a nearby island, Sapi, where we got acquainted with the lizards, just hanging around there. The island was tiny and there was little to do, just a lazy day on the beach!

Trip up to the "selva" where we got to sleep in some basic cabins and where, at night we could hear the sound of the beasts and the crickets and the frogs. Like those CDs some people play in order to relax. It was our relaxing lullaby.

I used the good camera for the jungle pictures, from which I doubt I have a USB connection. Things at a time.
My highlight was to see a python in the wild, face to face. I love reptiles and it was just gorgeous! And we managed to spot a lonesome orangutan in his habitat, I think it was a she, actually...

The guys at the jungle camp were gold. At night we became entertainers. They'd grab a guitar we'll sing. I became the assigned singer, and I liked to entertain them and teach or share some songs. I also learned a beautiful song in Malay composed by one of them. Such a talented kid! I hold him close in my memory and really wish he grows to be the amazing person he is letting us see already. You should see his eyes, his eager to know, his passion for music.

I have returned from my first dives around Sipadan. Tomorrow is the big day and I get to see one of the most amazing underwater sights. If what I've seen so far is awesome I can't imagine what I will see.
I just got to spend one night in the Mabu island and really liked the environment. Divers would gather in the evening and let the night pass among stories and beers.
Weather is perfect, sites unique, food amazing and people don't hassle... Anybody would now understand my crush in Borneo and it hurts to go.

Below some post Bali pictures and some Borneo impressions, a few of many more to come.

Checking out to a live concert. A few weeks left and anticipating a sort of sadness, I just can't imagine to go back...

Transport in Gilli T

Any evening before sunset... How will I miss Bin Tang...

Another sunset on the Gilli beach.


18 de novembre 2009

It keeps getting better

Lately I have lots of thoughts to share. It is this bit of earth, the Malaysian Borneo, which makes me want to.It is erally inspiring. Thanks Angel and Scott for giving me the greatest piece of advice prior to heading off to this side of the world.

After days of staying at fiends of friends this time, and unorganized with accomodation, I am flash backing to communal sleeping. Some other day to note how the generations have changed since I last checked in bunk beds.

I can't upload wonderful sunsets, fish and impressions of the last days in the Gilis, in Bali, not allowed in this hostel. Just one piece of advise to Bali goers: go straight to Gilis/Lombok or the south coast. I am going back to Bali (surely will go now and then) and that bit left me an impression to explore it with more time. North of the airport is sad and in a few years, the Gilis might be as well.

But well...

Love at first sight: Borneo - Kota Kinabalu. Sweet! Grinning since I stepped out of the aiport. Great weather, great food great people.

Spent a bit of the day with my new traveling buddies in Sapi, a near by island and I am heading off for some mountain trekking in the Kinabalu park, on the second highest mountain of South East Asia.

I would love to hang pictures, this is beautiful. I haven't seen much, but the impressions last in my mind like no other country.

En fin, ready to go. Hopefully will be able to show some fine shots.


07 de novembre 2009

They say images speak more than a thousand words. That would save me a few thousand...
Let's get it straight with the Bali-Feeling.

First, it is indeed a paradise, and to follow up, I am sleeping in a great house of an admirable survivor, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by rice fields and amazing, amazing people, so full of positive energy it is hard to imagine a better place or better moment.

BUT... What are we doing to the island? As soon as you get there you get a taken by the positive vibes of the place to see mediocre people are trying to turn it into a real state paradise for the ones who eat noodles all year and then want to pretend they are someone by having a jacuzzi. The rapid growth is making the small roads intransitable and soon enough the need of bigger infrastructures will be greater... And so we will move to change another paradise and make it ready to fit us, instead of us being ready to fit in it. In a way, I so very feel the island it somehow hurts me to see this.

At the moment I have found "the spot" and I am trying to get impregnated of its energy. The black sheep is called. A house for people who are not the same kind, a house owned by a Basque, I can surely relate and feel home.

View from the terrace.

We have been checking out the island and being on time for Yoga or a run on the beach.
At the moment I am just trying to set up the plan to become the ultimative surfing beyotch, but I have been too busy being too happy and loving the family-like feeling.

Above, death of a duck. There is a whole lot to explain in petit committee about this and in fact, I just did what had to be done. Pate!

Some picts more before closure and many hugs!
(I know my blogger account uploads in Facebook, to see the picts: )

Our big gorgeous gecko in da house!

And evil mokeys!

02 de novembre 2009

Epic, epic, epic

I have just topped up the best days in Singapore with a frozen soy latte. You have no idea what memories it evoqued me. So many I have decided already where I want to live. So I will do all possible to achieve my next life goal.

I came to Singapore from Vietnam to follow Amanda Palmer. The Halloween party and the two concerts were amazing and I achieved my mission: I kissed her, and had small talk with her, and she called me awesome. And I cried a lot and I got hugs from everywhere!

Not only the days were amazing, also the people I got to hang out with. Starting with the stranger who took me out for lunch and enlightened me. He was smart and made a point on things I was shocked to see we had so much in common. He is further, though, but I will get there.

The people I bumped into at the concert were also indescriptively inspiring. I can't hang pictures now as I am at the airport on the way to Bali, but I will try to re-edit this and add them.
We felt all close, and Amanda was so approachable she spread good vibes all over. I hope she has an idea on how she is making a difference in the music business. Music as art. Raw, personal. We pay, she works and delivers results. No divaing, no stupid distance. I can only admire her work and her independence.

Singapore is funny with all its control. Sometimes it made me think of 1984 or Huxley's "brave new world", all so scheduled, planned, controlled... I just met a film director who was explaining me that. The dreams of the youth shattered by the Singaporean "properness". If you get out of the path, you pay for it. Literally or with your life. But this great living standard shows a harsh dictatorship of capitalism. I didn't stay long enough to work out the theory, but this is my impression.

Moving on to Bali. Picts and stories will follow.

Much love!