13 de setembre 2014

time warping

I have just taken a dose of melatonin and while waiting for it to kick in, here they go: first Amsterdam impressions.
Once landed the language and the place suddenly became familiar. My first stop at the Schiphol airport was at the Etos. For what? Zoute drop. That impossibly salty snoep I am so addicted to. I filled a modest bag (I don't know my limits when it comes to dropjes) and laughed on the way into the train station because that move was so predictable and so... Dutch. 
zoute drop
Soon the language becomes familiar: "bonnetje bij?" - nee hoor, bedankt - into the culture without a blink.

First thing I realised is how fancy the OV chipkaart has become. It glitters! And the metro system is now very first world. Very nice for the hearing impaired. Each station called comes with a picture of the area, so you can recognise where you are. 

I rush through my street, the Vrolikstraat, and giggle again while going up the impossibly steep stairs of my Amsterdam house. I live now in the attic= zolder. And it is gorgeous. Alex would kill me. He left it spotless and I have managed to turn it into a war zone in a few hours. but now I have all I need in reach.

Because Europe has decent internet and not that shame of a connection from Down Under I have videoconferenced every  conversation I've been able to carry. Great to see people.
My bike was still upstairs and the tyres were flat so I had to walk to the shops, walk, grrrr. Got myself a 6 pack of Grolsh and started cracking beers. And worked to make me tired. I love the peace of my neighbourhood, but today they were cleaning  the playground downstairs with pressure hoses and I didn't get a proper sleep. Shame... I was so ready to take THE nap.

Vrolikstraat playground being cleaned

The first person I've seen in Amsterdam was Jay. He was at work (Ticketscript) which was a bike ride away. I really wanted to take the bike out and hadn't seen Jay in maybe 4 years, so, off we went. We met through one of my closest friends in Amsterdam, Annalisa. Annalisa, like I, quit coporate life and unlike me she became a talented photographer. Jay has been taking pictures of the party scene for a long time and has quite a name in the field. I remember he helped Annalisa for a project in the use of light and movement in darkness. And they used me as a model. 
This is some of Jay's work:

The ticketscript office is on an artificial half island off centraal. The views are amazing and the terrace a dream. Sorry I made it late. Would have been nice to catch up with the rest of the team.
We walked together to centraal and I asked him to take us a picture. This one is for Annalisa. And it has a wish: next time we'll meet the three of us. Love you sweetie. See you soon. 

Amsterdam day 1. We miss Annalisa

Before going to bed I biked through the Dappermarkt. Did I say it  feels amazing to bike through Amsterdam? Everyone is out of your way, because on the bike you are a supreme being. The bike paths are so broad, life is easy, it's just soooo nice!!! 

Checked also to see if Pats was home, but she's already moved next door. Caught up shortly with her and saw the new place. What a nice apartment! What a big terrace! Congratulations! Her two cats Ukki and Pebbles were spending the first night in the new apartment. I had the chance to cuddle brave Ukki. Pebs was a bit under the weather. 

And then Pats told me Lala is back on the streets. My Lala. Something to look forward to tomorrow.

I had another videoconference to wish Bego good night on the same time zone. She laughed at me trying to figure out how to operate my fairphone. 
Night  from A'dam.