10 d’agost 2007

mein activist Kampf (week versioned)

Kampf you say? I almost get to fists with a very unaware and unsensitive lady.
So. Let's get it straight. I have a problem with pigeons. It is growing, because they love hanging around on my terrace, I am even dedicating them a hate song.
It is not that they are not allowed to live, I don't want to gt murderish with them. They are not allowed to be fed. Basta.

So this is what happened: I come back form taking myself out for a jog in the park and these two women, who definetely had no social life (not that mine is that exciting, but they were a sadder example) were chatting while feeding the pigeons, as if it was a natural and habitual thing of theirs.

I hated the guts of that action and in my sweatty state I looked at them in disgust and anger (and aaah am I good with facial expresions).
One of the ?ladies?, who looked like the wannabe_wife_of_a_torero turns to me and says: "wha?"
So I use my most friendly-slightly concerned and pedagogic tone to tell that shame of a lady that feeding pigeons will also attract rats.
She replies that rats hide on corners, so I say to her: well, pigeons are like flying rats anyway.
I think she must have been a rat or a pigeon in a previous life (which would explain what she turned into in this life) because she took it personal. You won’t believe this lady wanted to start a physical fight with me.
I definitely have no fighting skills, talent or tendency to get into physical fights, but I do have that sassied adrenaline drive when someone gets aggressive at me, so I replied: "woman, it is my opinion. And I really think what you do is sick.

I just calmly turned around and left with clear non-verbal signs that she was absolutely out of her mind. Of course she was already getting ready to get up and kick the shit out of my face, but I kost interest.

Whatever the case, I had quite an activist week. Also at the fish market.
This lady next to me was ordering a big junk of tuna. Again, I started having goose pimples and shivers all over my body and had to let it go:
"Tuna is being overfished, you are just contributing of having more tuna being killed before they even reach a decent shape and to the desertation of the Mediterranean (although it is naive to assume that the Mediterrenean has a chance by now).

So you see. I am not sure if these little acts contribute in any way to make people aware, but hey!, if they have internet maybe it makes a difference. Or next time they see an article on the newspapers about tuna fishing it will catch their attention or hey!, people do watch TV, no? Maybe between talk show, gossip, MTV and reality show, maybe, maybe there is a chance some channel would have nothing better to do than bring the overfishing issue to attention.

For more information I left some links in one of my posts. See JAN 16, on tag 'overfishing'
And Greenpeace made this hilarious clip about it.


There was a "pulp fishing" one, Tarantion style, but has been removed...