12 de gener 2011

gràcies, merci, danke, bedankt

2010 is over.
A year full of amazing experiences and emotions. A year where I had the opportunity to change the path I was on and instead of travelling around dared to slowly start taking a trip within myself. It has just began... my steps are still tiny, but they point ahead.

I am thankful I met people who make me want to go on and give meaning to every single step. Lucky me.

Thank you to my family, because you are by my side and you are understanding. I know I can be challenging and often I wish I was just sitting in the living room, sipping Penedès, laughing.
I am glad you take me as I am and lately, were able to listen so openly to things I didn't dare saying and didn't judge, you supported me and understood my pain. I feel so relieved and so proud of having you!

My second family in Germany... What can I say. Kieferland, can't wait to see you again. "Los Ulf", you always encourage me! Come visit soon!

I am grateful to have met the most amazing 4 women earth has seen: my sister, my girlfriend and my two "redheads" in Amsterdam. Thanks for that 24th of July. You opened my eyes. I truly love you and love the connection we have. I love talking to Bego and miss her when it's been a few days. Pats, you right see through me. I am glad you put those symbolic toothpicks in my eyes whenever I don't want to open them. Ik ben wel stoer, hoor!

Along the path, I have met people that made the challenge worth.
Thank you Fede, so unique the chemistry between the two of us. We explored our deepest emotions and our so antagonistic lives. Thanks for letting me peep into your life and let me bore you with my morning of juice, Lala and avocado ;-). I am proud to be called your older sister.

I am thankful of my Hühner, because we together can be one messy stall, and I love every colourful minute with you. I cross my fingers for our next Hühnerhaufen. I need them.
With it I am thankful of all the extraordinary people I once met in Germersheim and the very close tights we have, as we all share the same passion. There are no other people who understand the context, cotext and the hidden speech acts better in one single gesture and a minimum of 4 different languages at a time! Ah, we speak the same language(s)... Us sweet freaks.

Thanks CREA to allow me meet the most interesting individuals who opened me to many more possibilities. Thank you Arnica, my guru. Thank you Manu, through you I met the amazing "Inside" crew.

I thank our trip to Brasil, Leo. So inspiring. The music, the poetry, the writing and the routines we developed. I know you still miss my facial exercises (ha-ha-haaaa).
Thanks Chico for introducing us to two admirable and amazingly strong men, who fight for their right to love without "preconceitos".

Thanks for this Summer and the moments we have spent, the whole Amsterdam and NL bunch. Too many names and so many backgrounds. Simply: We have shared a lot and I really treasure the years during which we all have evolved.

Thanks Hilary for being the wise voice that soothed my emotions, the voice of experience. You are a lovely human being.

Thanks July for that bit of heaven that came to my apartment from the US. Those 10 days of living together in love, harmony, wine and yummy food. I am sure we learnt a lot from each other... And we had lots of fun in the process!

Thank you Lucas. I am glad you let me peep into the past and helped me leave it behind to make me realize of a bright future ahead.

... Thanks to the lovely 'strangers' in Auckland from whom I found a helping hand to find my way back when I didn't know where I was. My gratitude is big, I'll be there when you need me.

... Thanks to the couple of intense days in a real home where I could talk to the person with the warmest heart ever, the one who could empathise and helped me solve a puzzle pointing me at the missing pieces.

My new life references in OZ I am sure I still have so much more to share with. Nick, that easy connection we have... I just can't get enough of it! skydiving next on the list!

Sergi, sure we don't need each other as much as before, but I will still share my deepest secrets with you.
My friends in Barcelona. I am thankful we have kept our connection all these years. I am thankful I have you. You belong to my roots.

Aerial roots the song said. I am so thankful to have the opportunity and so happy to start 2011 down under, and stay for an extended period of time this time.
I always wanted to give it a go. It took some effort, but it was well worth it.