19 de desembre 2009

Inner monologues-ubiquitous narrator

How does the era of communication affect very communicative individuals?
Ubiquous narrator, that is. The narrator is not that observant to the small details, but does look in the essential inner of people, captures surroundings, smells and sounds, takes the best of it, subjectively.

My inner narrator is always looking forward to seeing someone or a group of people because there might be somebody among them she hasn't seen in a while. Taking account into people and impregnating of their thoughts or feelings makes the inner narrator collect parallel stories, sometimes interpret them, sometimes deconstruct them and choose a time to make up stories out of a sensation.

Has it ever happened to you? I realized mostly back in Barcelona.
Went running a few times, taking my usual routes. Being thankful of the sun in my face and the old fashioned songs dowloaded from my dad's collection.

As an example. The house under the bridge, the magic house I imagined so many beautiful things about. Everytime I run pass it, there were flowers, pets and smiles. A squatter tunnel house close to the bridge, so colorful, and so quiet beneath the busy surface of cars passing by. I sometimes imagined myself moving in there, hang around far from conventions.

The house was gone this last time, the flowers, the colorful place in an urban quasi decadent space... Concrete will be laid soon to build yet another road.
All these stories arose all at once in a split second. I reach a particular state when I run that makes me elaborate amazing stories and create tunes in my head.

All to the sound of Jeannette... Why do you go? Another bit of me gone, another story seen by the ubiquitous narrator that won't be told, which I never took a shot from to at least keep the visual bit to remember the stories.


06 de desembre 2009

Lost words

My Philippines experience is coming to an end.

It is not a light thing to say. Some times you arrive at a place you have no big expectations and offers you way more you than you could have imagined.
That is the Philippines for me. So far.

I have been happily island hoping, jumping from boat to island or boat to the underwater world and made my most amazing diving experiences.

And while I have been feeling at home with the Filipinos I have bumped into and felt so close, the service branch has made me smile... Asian way. 100 people attending you but no real effectiveness. Yes ma'm sir and a whole lot of running around for you.
I reached the summit when I left my hut in a nearby island and a guy was waiting for me outside to know if my toilet worked Ok...

And so far for my last night in the Philis. I have seen the sort of concentrated beauty you need to see in 4 different countries, had the best fish ever and seen such underwater wonders I had to make efforts to control my breath.

On bad news I lost my traveling notebook with my fully inspired notes on sights and (my two favourite subjects, smells and sounds)
Sights are easy to show, and I will dedicate a whole chapter for the smells on each country, but soundwise...
Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have opened me a whole different world of music. And I am not talking about the Karaoke (here Videoke), the music scene has a whole new constellation in this corner in the world (as for Malaysia, where would you hear great rock combined with Islamic chants? and what about Indonesian Punk? and the great Philippino bands? aaahhhh, and I thought Peninsular South East Asia did it for me, and then... I have felt in an upward spiral of sensations, that makes it so hard to go back to the monochrome/monosound Vietnam...

Amazing picts of Malaysia and Phili are not compatible with PCs here, so I have to leave a few shots of my last night in Coron. I have been witness to a drag queen night I would have had to pay for otherwise.
Enjoy bizarre-ness for a change:

Pictures of our funny little Filipino bunch:

Ok, enough now. You get the picture.