24 de desembre 2010


This is a short post to remember the most amazing person ever met.

When a person decides to end up their life it is inevitable that some anger flows through from the ones they left behind, sometimes is hard to understand the reasons that lead you to do it, you had it all, but it didn't seem enough to make you happy. When you took your life away, you took part of mine with it, I have to respect your choice as I won't get to see you ever to ask you why, and I wasn't there, I couldn't be there to stop it. No one could...

In memoriam. You will be missed.

Forgiven, but not forgotten, I shall miss you wherever you are now.

16 de desembre 2010

Things I can do with my tongue

Spend a Saturday night home, sleepless but sleep drunk and think about that scene in Twin Peaks where that friend of Laura Palmer does a knot with a cherry stem in her mouth... A technique I like to practice with chewing gum.

So I started thinking of THINGS I CAN DO WITH MY TONGUE

It seems to be genetic and not everyone can do it, I found that out at university (things you learn at uni)

One side

Other side


Just a sample
So, how was your Saturday night?

09 de desembre 2010

When everything around me started spinning, when I was praying the Universe to change things for the better, a rain of signs came in a very brief lapse of time.
Some small details, that wouldn’t have much meaning in other moments, in that context, suddenly, became little winks in the form of slight details.


telling me I wasn’t going to reach it approaching empty sources.

“Andar hacia los pozos no quita la sed” – Nuevo pequeño catálogo de seres y estares

I sat in this little tent with a monk. He lets me pull an angel card: abundance. A reminder?

- Do you know what that means? He asks.
- You have it in front of your nose, and it is not the card:
“what are you afraid of?”.
- I am getting nothing, less than that, I replied, remembering last year's mantra.
- Nothing to loose, then.

If thirsty, stop drilling for water in empty wells.

05 de desembre 2010


You think you get rid of certain thoughts when you travel away from them.

I once chose to stay and not get rid of them. I chose to stay and face them until it’s time to move on.
I gave myself up to Morpheus that night, I did as the only possible think I could think to try to take care of myself, as sometimes the duties of “l’apassionant món de la parella”- google: Mikimoto – "Persones Humanes" tells us "in theory" is called so because chances are they're not going turn into anything in practice.

And by giving my eyes a rest, for the second consecutive night, my guilt feelings turned into dreams. There it was, the somni, as if conscious wouldn’t be enough, subconscious made its apparition to show they were in strange consensus.

A tall, long, thin figure, as in other dreams didn’t do much. Its presence could not be ignored. Not by me. How could it ever. Onirically taking over for what was left when the dream was over.
After a third night the presence disappeared.

Sitting, thinking and waking the thought I realize how life would have been different in the other hemisphere, a relatively easy task to wake a dream, very thankful for the help written all over, cowardly easing my way.

sleeplessness, I feel like writing, reading, writing and reading again
I keep asking, I keep getting.
Happy to be angry at times, learning to express it.