22 de març 2009

high fidelity

Allright, I have been thinking of posting my personal point of view triggered by the new album of a very known band.
That sets me back to the opinion of a dearly beloved friend who has a very sensible point on that.
How the media plays with image, brand, name and of course popularity (aka the endless fight of the human to feel accepted by belonging to a hurd of people sharing a mind stream).
That is it.
I got to listen to U2's new release single and it is so mediocre, lame and meaningless that I couldn't finish listening to it.
Sure they had great singles, beautiful ones. And who cannot say they tried to innovate although it was a sad attempt to move to other directions they didn't even mastered?
At least they tried. But they didn't give up, because as sad as it sound they kept in vogue by selling shit, and succeded! And not ashamed at all.
I am not a musician, although I can share their feelings on this.
Why do we apply such high fidelity on bands? Why do we give ourselves in for the sake of what? You are giving them money on your faithful trip and they deliver you back a bitch slap. And you still want more.
I don't understand.
Dear Yoyo. That brings me back to thinking of the Stones. Don't take me wrong. I love them. It's just why they are out there so long and don't understand they are robbing a space to talented, creative musicians who are fighting their way through?
I may have my groupie soul (and still admit the newest stuff from Cornell is lame, but he is a hunk and sings like a fucking angel) brought from my pastlife. I try to make up by supporting small bands with enthusiasm. Empathy and hopes. Was sonnst?
I have my myths and I live musically speaking in the Dinausaur era. It's my bit of nostalgy to times when all these bands raised. And merchandising wasn't all that big. And they gave themselves fully.
Even rejecting drugs I accepted the fact that they used them experimenally. And died young. And gave room to other bands who, inspired by them, tried to continue the legacy. And on a guilt trip now I could do more research to open up to musical universes to discover... true.

And now.
Of course anything is better than the undigestible mainstream crap we have to, like it or not, accidentally suffer. But these old glories, who have reached their end, can't they do something good for the sake of music and contriute to it producing and encouraging new sounds, new talents, a new diversity of what I call music?

more to that I thank Serj Tankian for making me smile. And Amanda Palmer forever because she totally makes the point of what I am trying to state.

That is the way it should be. Because we need somebody to save us and wake us up.
Being introduced to Cocorosie, for instance has opened me up to an unbeliavable universe of diversity, I wanted to know more of sounds that would make me feel that way. There are some kids in Rotterdam who make experimental minimalistic and since I forgot the name of the band I couldn't find them any longer.

So in a way I get all hippie and smithered and think that some bands will lead you to some other ones and expand your musical culture. And we will make a bigger community and spread the love for creativity and the soul rock connection.
But as in everything, and by the looks of the sold out tickets of those monkeys, I sometimes have to scratch my head in despair. Sure "alternative" bears its name because a few people are willing to open up, but likewise the world today, the differences are unfair.

On high fidelity, we just follow our taught behavioural patterns. You will stick to one in order not to see if there is anything better. You will feel accepted if you go with the flow.

But all in all on TODAY'S FEELINGS:

Maybe the grass is not greener on the other side, but I have to go there and check it out... Sometimes it is not only greener, it has a completely different flora, a coplete different sight.