02 de febrer 2011


Seems people know little about NZ. No wonder. It is a remote island in the ass of the ass of the world, colonized by whites and functioning surprisingly occidental.

Here I am entering a well deserved intellectually oriented hiatus in a country I believe has a very encouraging level of literacy, education and a decent average IQ.

While I was looking for accommodation I bumped into the blog of a possible host. One of his posts really summarized my Shaekesperean interest to prevail in memory, leave written proof behind, to live after death.
He wondered about the possibilities, to be or not to be referring to a stationary situation where, although being established, you feel it is not really where you want to stay, set roots, it's not quite you... (hence to be or not to be).

The tricothomy between love, life and work was very well fetched and made me empathise with it.
I need not speak much about work, I am still celebrating managing not to work for one year. 2011 will be another one, and then work has to make its way... And I am putting my energy in, for once, trying to get a rewarding job. Make a career out of my hobby.

The question about the personal attitude towards life involved for a while the three factors
below. This is how it sort of looks like for me:

Work: In the worst of cases it will remain just work.
Love and being loved: will never be easy.
Friends: they also need to find their place in life, which is not always by my side.

Each of us are responsible of our own life.
After my long pondering between "to be" or "not to be" I decided to take a new course of my life...
Far away from the love, the friends and the work.

I've decided to stay in the other side of the world.

Hello to my new home: New Zealand!