22 de març 2012

Sydney me one more time

Time to thank the Endless Space many times for this place and this life. In some occasions I feel I am not thankful enough of the extraordinary life I have. So thanking time before starting.

After travelling the world I've found myself at ease in the Southern Hemisphere. I love New Zealand, I have it in my heart as a nourishing place. I met the most beautiful earth-bound people there and learnt karmaic, liberating lessons the hard way, from ... yes, ugly people. Bless them, they are lucky to live in such a great land.

The only thing I miss and wish I had here is my family. Sydney reminds me of Barcelona, the vibrant Barcelona I once enjoyed so much. I wish I belonged here family and all.

I will set on a little photo tour, but  still haven't found the time. There are lots of stories wanting to come out, so I won't delay it longer.

First episode: The Clairvaux.

Busy now collecting pictures, I have been procrastinating, trying to find a time to take some. In the Clairvaux live a few chosen ones under the unusual and often anachronistic management of our main tenant.

Our place is situated in probably the 'most poshest' neighbourhood in Sydney. So we really stand out. We are like the punks among so much "too-much-ness".  I love to know that this Clairvaux place exists and that I inhabit it. It is unique and it won't happen again in future generations to come.

The views to the city are stunning, the flatmates beautiful in every sense. Our manager has a rare talent to know who is suitable to live there and who not, which creates a special little feeling of community and creates lovable vibes.

I have so many stories to collect from Sydney that I wanted to start with the introduction of the place I live, as it provides a great contribution to this wonderful life and will be often mentioned.

A place to call home, since home is made of people along the way. I loved it once. I love it again.
Sydney (me) one more time! Hoping that this time it is for good.