27 de setembre 2008

what, 3 months?

It has been a sweet time coming to an end in Barcelona. Not enough time to write (thought I would have it) and too many things have happened and many changed.
Although not being someone comfortable with changes, in this city and my neighbourhood -where everybody knows your name- things needed a change.
I have been enjoying giving my cat endless care and dedication and I hope she enjoyed the classical music in exchange of the ongoing TV buzz, maybe I am too boring for her. Maybe this is our goodbye and it is sad to see her so helpless.

Wonderful how we have managed among friends to have a taste of yesterday and how also the near future is linked to an effort of acceptance. Things do change.
Great to have seen my crazy sis and cousin (and the hurricane of laughter they create wherever they set foot somewhere), friends from childhood, to be seen and recognized, neighbours and the mild sunny mediterranean Indian Summer.

Not ready to go back to NL under any circumstances, I have been here almost 10 days and kinda connected as if I had never left, some 12 years ago.

I have figured out a masterplan and to sweeten the return I am being awaited back in A'dam by my lovely ex- new- ex-flatmate and flatmate again. You know the one who makes me smile and the one who always gives me a good night kiss.
Have to catch a flight in a few hours.
Kiss tot zo.

I am definetely sure that the average lifetime of a blog is around 6 months. This blog was to organise thoughts in writing, but I don't sit in front of the computer that often any longer. I won't change the world, but I will still try, with or without a glass of red.
Though I still hope to be able to throw some thoughts, it will come a time again soon I will be more prone to divagate or share in this format.
Pity, really wanted to bring some enjoyment much more often, oh, all those unregistered thoughts, where do they go?

Todays's feelings:
the one you know you are tired but afraid to sleep too much