14 de juliol 2008

and the results show

A trip further into my karma downspiral. One of the worst case scenarios.
I was expecting some results. Well, they came like a ball of lead on my heavy head.
I am growing elephant skin. And bloddy Confutius says it can still get worse!

03 de juliol 2008

how we identify

I wish the writing would take place one a month. In between I've had of course a deserved break of holidays and even though being quite an Internet junkie I am still not one of those who goes around carrying their computer wherever they go.
I still have a sense of manual writing.
For the ones who care it is all a hecktik and consumining life and the moment you lower the guard, bam! Anything strikes back. It keeps me busy. I gained the strength and even though I would much rather be busy with other things and at least have the illusion of feeling happy I'd much rather go through this whole nerve-wrecking situation than facing enough free time and have time to think and feel lonely. I fear it.

No news for the day, and this is rather a proof of life and update.
Two little points:

- Poker? I have never known how to bluff and I feel rather unconfortable lying.
So I will have to bluff to prevent lying.
- I feel unconfortable being lied to. I invite people tell the truth, I
can embrace it with a better feeling of knowing that both the potential liar and
the "liee" will now feel much relieved. At least I do.
- And holding to this thesis, I still believe in truth, which makes me partly a
liar, because in the end... I am a skeptic. I am going to read Descartes these
days, see if it enlights me.

It's a big day today. And I am 30 min away to get very important results. I will share.