08 de febrer 2012

Slowly but nowly!

Hello dear readers, followers and whoever bumped into this site googleing nose-related pains.
Stick around, maybe you learn something new today, who knows.
As I have been given the gift to stop and listen to myself I will tell you, like the universe, I am, we all are in expansion.

I have been living in NZ, land of Teachings, where I still think there has been an interference for me to be able to close all cycles. Which was necessary to start mine here with a clear reset and with all lessons learnt. Not bothered. Cycles are that, cycles. Therefore, there will be another time around...

New destination: SYDNEY.

Let me tell you about this city and what it means to me.

I once published a post called: memory lane, which I deleted because it spread unnecessary and unwanted pain.

I decided to finally "give it up" to Sydney, since this city has only brought me love, laughter, waves and sun, probably the most important things a Mediterranean weird flower needs in order to blossom to its fullest. I have never loved so meaningfully, laughed so hard or admired the sea as much as I have done it here.

So, here I am, again. It's taken a week to settle and collect a few results of a few things I have set going.
They show slowly. It is surprising how plan A shows and then plan B manifests and so on, things keep changing and I take them as they come.

In any case big things going in my personal inner journey towards ascension.
In Sydney I have found out what direction my mission is taking, as it usually happens, it starts by clearing a few questions.

This introduction will lead to some updates of life in here. The ins and outs of this blessed space I am inhabiting and the ins and ins of the mind that inhabits me.

Yesterday, I stayed for a while in the living room. Communal spaces are often strangely silent and empty.
My new flatmate came around with a set of wings, they didn't belong to her and she didn't want them. I have never owned a pair of wings. I put them on and didn't take them off until bed time. They felt just fine! I thought of the Angel of abundance and the teachings of the violet fire...

I will sure honor the wings and transform them into an expression of art! Lots of ideas in that aspect. And a few people to look up to who are making them come true.